Digitalys visualization and post-processing tool for simulation software
Digitalys is a visualization tool developed within Royal HaskoningDHV that supports various simulation output formats.

It provides a single user interface in working with the output of different (hydro-morphodynamic) simulation software. Digitalys is fast, can generate videos and helps you check your results.

Supported simulation output

  • Deltares
  • D-Flow Flexible Mesh
  • SOBEK2
  • Delft3D4
  • DelWAQ
  • TUFlow
  • XMDF format
  • DHI
  • MIKE structured
  • MIKE unstructured
  • Nelen & Schuurmans
  • 3DI
  • TU Delft
  • SWAN
  • GIS formats
  • GeoTIFF
  • Shapefiles
  • Geopackage
  • GeoJSON

Automatic post-processing

A variety of variables are automatically detected in the output files. Digitalys will then automatically add additional variables to the special post-processing list.

For example, if velocity components are detected you will get the option to display arrows and flowlines! If water depth is present, you will also immediately get access to total inundation time, time of flooding, maximum depth in the simulation, etc.

Export to GIS formats

Digitalys also serves as an intermediate tool for additional processing. It allows export to Shapefile and CSV formats for additional processing in Microsoft Excel, Python or Matlab.

More information

Digitalys is currently in development by Royal HaskoningDHV as part of the Digital Way of Working (DWOW). For more information get in touch with

Downloading Digitalys

We are planning on releasing a free (and still very functional!) version of Digitalys in 2024. Please send an e-mail if you want to stay updated.

Employees of Royal HaskoningDHV can download Digitalys and directly use it in their projects!

If you are an employee, get your copy of Digitalys here.